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Tools and Supplies was established to take advantage of the economies of doing business on the Internet and pass those savings on to our customers. The Internet gives us all the opportunity to save time and money by providing volumes of information , with 24 hour service , and very limited manpower. We pledge that despite the impersonal nature of the Internet, you will not be frustrated with our service and that the economies of doing business on the internet will directly and significantly benefit you. Today's world of commerce is becoming more and more impersonal, with voice mail, e - mail, fewer sales clerks, more demand, and as a result we all become frustrated trying to perform simple transactions. This has become an unfortunate fact of doing business and we can not change that fact without spending large sums of money that would not allow us to offer you lower prices. Our approach is not to fight the facts but to work with them. Since we are an internet business we pledge to do business via the internet and do it the way you had become accustomed the old way. We WILL respond to e-mail within hours and not days. We WILL confirm orders received within hours with the anticipated shipping date. We WILL advise you via e-mail if your order will ship late before it is late. In short, we will be a responsible internet merchant that you can depend on. Contact us at 800-356-3645.




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