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Mission Statement

Tools and Supplies was established to take advantage of the economies of doing business on the Internet and pass those savings on to our customers. The Internet gives us all the opportunity to save time and money by providing volumes of information , with 24 hour service , and very limited manpower. We pledge that despite the impersonal nature of the Internet, you will not be frustrated with our service and that the economies of doing business on the internet will directly and significantly benefit you. Today's world of commerce is becoming more and more impersonal, with voice mail, e - mail, fewer sales clerks, more demand, and as a result we all become frustrated trying to perform simple transactions. This has become an unfortunate fact of doing business and we can not change that fact without spending large sums of money that would not allow us to offer you lower prices. Our approach is not to fight the facts but to work with them. Since we are an internet business we pledge to do business via the internet and do it the way you had become accustomed the old way. We WILL respond to e-mail within hours and not days. We WILL confirm orders received within hours with the anticipated shipping date. We WILL advise you via e-mail if your order will ship late before it is late. In short, we will be a responsible internet merchant that you can depend on. Contact us at 800-356-3645. 

Price Policy

It is the intent of Tools and Supplies to pass on internet savings to our customer. We will make every effort to price our products between 20%-30% below the suggested retail price of the manufacturer. This price will reflect items purchased on line only. If you choose to telephone Tools and Supplies to place your order you will be charged a 10% increase over the published internet price shown on our web site. All transactions will be charged to your credit card. No charges will be made until the day your order ships. If your order is shipped incomplete, additional shipments on the same order will be at standard UPS rates and no handling charges will be added.

We have no control over outgoing freight charges regardless of the service requested.  Generally charges on standard shipments do not require adjustments. When special services or handling is requested and the charges exceed the estimate on the site we will advise you accordingly.  You will always have the opportunity to accept or reject those charges.

We make every effort to maintain current pricing.  Due to market volatility of raw goods our listed prices are subject to change without notice and individual items may show incorrectly on the web site. If this happens you will be notified immediately and will have the option to cancel or approve shipment. If you cancel you would never be assessed a cancellation fee.

E-Bay Policy

Toolsandsupplies uses e-bay for both promotional and inventory adjustment reasons. There are several conditions that govern our e-bay philosophy and sales efforts. These conditions are as follows:

1.  Items offered on e-bay do not constitute any policy other than a particular item, at a particular time is available at a particular price. We make no assurances that the item will be offered again, or that it will be offered at any particular price.

2.  We do not use the “pay for it now” option as a sales tool. All items are offered for sale at the quantity, bid price and time frame listed. If you require that item and it is not listed on e-bay at the time you request or need it or the price that you might have previously purchased it at, it still is available on the toolsandsupplies.com web site for immediate sale. We never guarantee the price from e-bay to our working web site.

3.  We will always review a request for a particular item to be featured on any future e-bay auction. We make no guarantee that the requested item will be featured nor will we commit to a particular price or time frame that we may elect to feature it.


Return Goods Policy

Within 10 days of the receipt of any product purchased on the www.toolsandsupplies.com web site, we will issue a full refund for any reason. All returned goods must be returned prepaid with the product in its original package and in resalable condition.


Warranty Policy

All warranties on individual products, expressed or implied, are those of the manufacturers represented on our site.

(Typically a manufacturers warranty is for repair or replacement at their discretion within a specific time frame – anywhere from 10 days to 1 year. Contact us for specific details).

Defective Goods Policy

Any product deemed defective would be repaired or replaced according to the terms of the manufactures defective goods policy. Contact us concerning specific details.


General Conditions for Return

    • We will accept no products for repair or replacement without proper written authorization from toolsandsupplies.com. Such authorization, and shipping directions can be achieved by:

Fax: 800-356-3645

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • No return, repair, or warranty will be given without proof of purchase.

We have a simple freight policy:

Customer pays ACTUAL freight charged by USP or USPS or motor freight plus a single $4.50 fee for all orders.

 We do not use freight as a profit center.

As a convenience to our customers we calculate the theoretical freight for most orders when you originally place your order on the internet.  This charge represents the total theoretical weight of your shipment, and it is in most instances greater than the actual weight. The freight charge shown when you place your order should be considered a maximum freight.  Your freight cost will probable be less, but never more.

Your actual freight charge will be reflected in your credit card charge when your order is shipped. Your card will not be charged until your order is shipped.

 Most orders will ship within 4 business days of receipt.

If your order is large enough to be shipped via motor freight, or is a “special”, an export or in some cases an expensive air freight charges apply, you will be contacted by our shipping department for your approval before shipment is released.

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